All together different

A few years ago, I came across a nifty pattern an a wood working magazine for a collapsible basket made on the scroll saw.  I made one, fell in love with it, and drew out a second one.  Both pieces are shelved above my wife’s desk.  I put pictures up at one point or another, because a friend contacted me about making one for him to give to his wife for Christmas.

Attempt number one after blowing the dust off of the scroll saw was… less than favorable.  But after getting back into the groove on that particular tool, I was very happy to have my second cut come out so well.  I found a really beautiful piece of maple for it, and the finished piece I think will make someone very happy this Christmas.


It’s been a while…

For about a million reasons, I haven’t been working and have seriously neglected my blog.  Apologies for that.

So I was asked by a friend for a piece for a Christmas gift, the only requirements were that it hold a pint, and have captive rings.  He said he would like to see the “hand of the artist” (thanks Greg)  I have never been so stressed and meticulous over a piece before!  He is also an artist, so I was worried about disappointing him.  Silly I know.  Everything I make comes out of my heart and hands, but I still felt a little put on the spot.  You can imagine my relief and satisfaction when the response to the pictures I sent him was “Holy Crap! That’s gorgeous!!!! Yes, yes, YES!” and “You frik’n nailed it!”  (thanks for real, Greg)

So here it is, beautiful maple from my parent’s winter storm debacle.



The coffee cup is for scale.  (it was a gift)


Decided to try out a small version of a bottle before I went ahead with the idea for a larger size.  I am pretty happy with the way it came together.  So. here it is!



To keep the opening small, I hollowed it out from the back and cut a disc that fits into the bottom.



I can get a fair amount of volume in the body with a more elegant opening this way.


Made a purple heart goblet with the shot glass base.  I forgot how difficult working with purple heart can be.  The picture I had in my head of what it was going to look like isn’t at all what I ended up with.  I had to sort of let the wood guide me around until it took the shape it had chosen for itself.  I guess it did well, because I sold it before I could even post about it, but I did take pictures.



I think I will be taking a break from purple heart for a little while.  It is beautiful, but not the most cooperative wood.


I wanted to make a mug, something with a handle, but I didn’t want to have to glue or anchor anything to the wood to do it.  Challenge.  I finally settled on a leather handle that ties into the grooves.  I am very happy with the result, and better still, the friend I made it for is very happy with it too.



It took me four days messing around with the braid to get it right.

Another Box

Made another piece for mom to work with.  I like to think one of the early “practice” pieces will find a home on my desk. (Hint, hint, mom)  This one I added a recessed band around the middle of the box.  I don’t know how difficult it is going to be to quill inside the band as well as on the lid, but I cant wait to see what mom does with it!  Did I mention how bad-ass my mom is?