It’s been a while…

For about a million reasons, I haven’t been working and have seriously neglected my blog.  Apologies for that.

So I was asked by a friend for a piece for a Christmas gift, the only requirements were that it hold a pint, and have captive rings.  He said he would like to see the “hand of the artist” (thanks Greg)  I have never been so stressed and meticulous over a piece before!  He is also an artist, so I was worried about disappointing him.  Silly I know.  Everything I make comes out of my heart and hands, but I still felt a little put on the spot.  You can imagine my relief and satisfaction when the response to the pictures I sent him was “Holy Crap! That’s gorgeous!!!! Yes, yes, YES!” and “You frik’n nailed it!”  (thanks for real, Greg)

So here it is, beautiful maple from my parent’s winter storm debacle.



The coffee cup is for scale.  (it was a gift)

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