Dual use

I am particularly proud of this one, it’s inspiration came from an event called Pennsic.  Two weeks of camping out with thousands of like minded medieval reenactment folks, (the SCA), means a lot of amazing company, food, frivolity, and drink.  There are so many amazing brewers there, that that there is always something new to try.  So I made a goblet that handles the normal wine glass sized drink, and has a shot glass cut into the base.  All you have to do is remember to empty one before switching to the other!


7 thoughts on “Dual use”

  1. They are amazing. In my old days (read as: when I had a wood shop) I lathed magic wands. I was never able to get to the cutting of cups and goblets before I moved. And I love the rings as well, they are amazing. Now, I stick to the contents of the mugs, but these pieces are amazing!

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