Round is hard.

So this past Saturday I went to a small birthday gathering at a friends house.  In addition to being able to see my friends, I also delivered the contact juggling ball that I made.  The ball was a big hit and is being loved and coveted as we speak.

While socializing around the fire bowl,  I realized that I kept glancing over at the pile of firewood.  Finally I nodded to the host and said,” so… you’re not just going to burn all that are you?”

I kind of feel like some bizarre type of stalker drooling over people’s firewood.

This is the completed ball.  Round is hard to do, but I kept at it.  The log a found that was big enough to do a sphere 4″ in diameter was a piece of storm fall black walnut.  It was also big enough to overheat the motor on the lathe twice.


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