Pretty fire wood

The first piece I turned on the new lathe is a triple ring goblet.  I did three rings on this one, well, because I thought it would be cool… and more than two… and fun!  It is all of these things!

I am a bit sad that the beautiful knot goes all the way through the wood at the very center.  I am thinking that I will clear epoxy the tiny hole so the cup is still usable.  I also put two friction grooves in the stem.  That is new for me, but I like the way it looks, so keep an eye out for more pieces to get fancied up!  🙂


Mixed feelings

While I was out in the shop, setting up the new lathe and turning my first project, some sick individual decided to set off bombs in Boston near the finish line of the Marathon.  Needless to say, but I will anyways, my excitement over my new tool and project were forgotten.

Now that my wife is home safe and my friends are accounted for, I can get on with my excitement.

This is my old lathe that was dying on me.


And this is my new machine!


Outed the website to my Facebook friends just now.  Fingers crossed that I get CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.  I don’t mind negative feedback, as long as it helps me improve.  If I know my friends, they will have much to say.  They are nothing if not honest… and mouthy.


A few of my friends and loved ones have decided to start families, which is a good thing… for them.  I personally find the little crumb-snatchers cute and lovable as long as I can run when they get noisy and stinky.  But I digress.  The point is, there is a little one I see quite a bit and, against my nature, I like the little tyke.  He is hitting the point in babyness where everything is interesting and new.  He inspired me to try making a baby rattle.Image

It is made from the left over maple ends that toy companies used to make wooden wheels.  Can you believe they just throw away the three inches of wood their automated machines don’t use? I got a deal on some and viola!  Toy!

Round is hard.

So this past Saturday I went to a small birthday gathering at a friends house.  In addition to being able to see my friends, I also delivered the contact juggling ball that I made.  The ball was a big hit and is being loved and coveted as we speak.

While socializing around the fire bowl,  I realized that I kept glancing over at the pile of firewood.  Finally I nodded to the host and said,” so… you’re not just going to burn all that are you?”

I kind of feel like some bizarre type of stalker drooling over people’s firewood.

This is the completed ball.  Round is hard to do, but I kept at it.  The log a found that was big enough to do a sphere 4″ in diameter was a piece of storm fall black walnut.  It was also big enough to overheat the motor on the lathe twice.



Just ordered a new lathe… things are serious now!  Lot of money, but I think that it will be worth it in the long run.  Now I won’t have to worry so much about killing my little lathe trying to find whatever is hidden in the log I put on it.  That poor thing has taken a beating and served me well.